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Public AdjusterWhen is it Time to Call a Public Insurance Adjuster in New Jersey?

February 24, 2021by crestvpa

Are you currently facing mold damage, water damage, or fire damage? If so, there’s a chance that you’re looking into a public insurance adjuster in New Jersey to help you sort out the damages. 

Many people make the mistake of reaching out to their insurance company first and that makes sense. While it may seem like the right idea, the reality is that you’ll want someone on your side from the very beginning, especially if the damage is extensive and if it will be expensive to repair. 

It’s not that your insurance company doesn’t have your best interest in mind, it’s just that they’re also looking to save money, and they can often lower your compensation. 

With a public insurance adjuster, you can rest at ease knowing that your claim will be well taken care of from start to finish. In this article, we’re highlighting when it’s appropriate to call a public adjuster, and who to reach out to when you’re in need of assistance the most. Keep reading to learn more! 


What Does a Public Insurance Adjuster in New Jersey Do?  

Before we talk about what types of claims a public insurance adjuster can assist you with, we first want to talk about what they do. 

A public insurance adjuster is someone who helps you when natural or unexpected disasters strike. They’re the middleman so that you don’t have to directly deal with your insurance company. If you’ve ever before had home devastation, then you know how much work is required to get the money necessary from your policy to fix the damages. 

Fortunately, when you have a public insurance adjuster in New Jersey on your side, you can sit back and relax as they take care of every element. They’re there to help with the documentation process, filing the paperwork, and negotiating on your behalf for the highest payout possible to you, in regard to your unique policy. 


Types of Claims 

There are many types of claims that a public insurance adjuster can assist you with. Some of the damages that homes and businesses have are natural, while others are manmade. For example, if your house sustains a break-in, this would be considered a vandalism issue. 

If you have water damage that comes from a leaking roof or a storm, then you’re dealing with problems related to nature. The challenging part about nature-related problems is that they are difficult to prove. If you had a roof that wasn’t in the best shape and decided not to fix it, your insurance company could see that as a negligent action on your part. 

However, if your roof is brand new and you still managed to have a roofing leak, then you’d have an easier time receiving the appropriate funds from your insurance company. The job of a public adjuster is to help clients, no matter what their situation, obtain the resources necessary to repair, replace, and move on. 


Call Crestview Public Adjusters 

At Crestview Public Adjusters, we know how scary it can be to file your own paperwork, document the damages, tend to work, and tend to your family. Why not let us take some of the weight from your shoulders? 

Allow our team to do what we do best. We are dedicated to helping our clients feel protected and safe, within the realm of their policies and what’s guaranteed when the going gets tough. Contact a member from our team today at 866-806-5939 and see how we can help you maximize your insurance claim. 

We work with commercial properties, industrial properties, residential properties, business owners, homeowners, institutions, non-profits, HOAs, co-ops, and so much more. There isn’t a single case too large for our team to handle!

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