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Denied ClaimsWhat Does a Denied Claim Mean and Can You Appeal It?

May 6, 2021by crestvpa

The insurance company is here to help you out when your property faces damages. Some of the various property damages they can assist you with are hurricanes, thunderstorms, water leaks, mold, or even fires. 


However, for the insurance company to help you, you need to file an insurance claim. Once the claim gets approved, you can expect to receive compensation and help to restore the damages. 


Unfortunately, it isn’t always this straightforward for homeowners. 


Sometimes the claim you submitted gets denied, resulting in no assistance of any kind. If this has recently happened to you, keep in mind that you can appeal the denial. But before you jump back into the insurance claim process, we recommend seeking the help of a  public insurance adjuster in New Jersey

With the Crestview Public Adjusters team, you can avoid another denied claim and maximize compensation.


What Does a Denied Claim Mean?


Getting a denied claim means that the insurance company will not help you pay for and restore your property damage. Despite your homeowner’s insurance, they do not believe they are liable. 


Many homeowners get this response and assume it’s the end-all-be-all answer. But it isn’t a final and firm no. With some persuading, additional documentation, and a public insurance adjuster in New Jersey, you can appeal the denied claim. 


While the fate of your denied insurance claim depends on a few factors, our adjusters can let you know what went wrong. If we can fix it and appeal successfully, we’ll help you do just that.


Why Did My Claim Get Denied?

It’s likelier to get less than you ask for than it is to have a denied claim. However, it does happen, and it usually occurs as a result of one or more reasons. 


The insurance company is here to help you when you face property damages, but it’s a two-way street. 


For them to help, they need to have an insurance claim that accurately represents the damages. 


Often, people get denied claims because of inaccurately representing the property damages. We see this happen when the claim had many errors or the homeowner left out critical details. 


Also, we see homeowners failing to read their insurance policies. Sometimes, the policy does not cover the damage that occurred. 


In this situation, there is nothing the insurance company can do to help. 


Other factors contributing to an insurance claim getting denied are submitting it late, liability disputes, and unpaid premiums.


How Does a Public Insurance Adjuster in New Jersey Help?

With the help of a public insurance adjuster, you can appeal the denied claim with ease. 


After going through the insurance claim process and dealing with the property damage, we’re sure the last thing you want to do is re-do it all again. If you are not sure where you went wrong, you might also face some stress. But with a public adjuster, you don’t need to worry about anything. 


If our team at Crestview Public Adjusters thinks you can appeal successfully, we will handle everything for you. 


Sometimes, the fix is as simple as re-doing the insurance claim. Other times, it’s checking the claimed damages with the policy. 


Whatever we can do to help you with your insurance claim and property damage, we will.


Without a public adjuster’s help, you run the risk of getting denied again. Two denials of the same type of claim can be that final answer you don’t want. With an insurance adjuster, you are likelier to have your claim approved the second time around.

Appeal Your Denied Claim Today

Are you looking to appeal your denied property damage claim? If so, the Crestview Public Adjusters team can help. We see denied claims all of the time and know-how stressful they can be. 


However, with our team on your side, you do not need to stress about the appeal process. 

To get started today, reach out to our public insurance adjusters in New Jersey at (212) 481-0100. We can speak with you more about your claim and how we can help you appeal it.

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