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Public AdjusterUnderpaid ClaimsHow to Determine if Your Claim Was Underpaid and What You Can Do About It

April 22, 2021by crestvpa

Property damages are one of the worst things to have to deal with. You have to keep an eye out for the damage while also documenting it, calling the insurance company, then finding someone to restore the damage. Plus, it’s all of this on top of everything you have to do regularly. 

After you jump through all of the hurdles, you have to wait and see how much the insurance company gives you, if they decide to give you anything at all. 


It’s natural to be a little suspicious of what you get, but if you have a feeling you are severely underpaid, trust your gut. Also, keep in mind that your public insurance adjuster in New Jersey can help you get the rest of the money you deserve; here’s how.


Was Your Claim Underpaid?

You spot the damage, then do everything the insurance company asks of you. Most homeowner’s situation goes like this when it comes to property damage. 


They know that the longer the damage sits there, the worse it could get. Also, the more likely their home is to require more repairs. When everything is said and done, you wait it out for the insurance company to give the final verdict. This usually includes a recommendation for a company that can repair the damage and the amount they are giving you. 


However, what happens when the amount is significantly less than you thought? 


When this happens, you might stress knowing that the repairs are coming out of your wallet. If you are not entirely sure if the claim was underpaid, we suggest seeking a second opinion. 


Why Was Your Claim Underpaid?

If you have recently discovered that your insurance company is underpaying you, it probably comes down to a few different reasons. One reason is that the insurance claim was incorrect. Sometimes, we unknowingly downplay the damage on the insurance claim. We do this by not outlining all of the details or forgetting to mention some aspects of it. As a result, the insurance company doesn’t understand just how bad the damage is and compensates you for their idea of it. 


The second reason is bad faith tactics. Now, this doesn’t happen too often, but it’s unfortunately still a problem. Some insurance companies purposefully withhold money so that they can make more money. It’s the business mindset as opposed to the helping homeowners mindset. We don’t see this too often, but if you are suspicious, again,  get a second opinion. One of our public insurance adjusters in New Jersey can give our opinion.


How Can You Fix an Underpaid Claim?

Are you suspicious of an underpaid claim? If so, our team at Crestview Public Adjusters can help you out. A public insurance adjuster in New Jersey can help you with the insurance claims process and they can help you determine if your claim can be revisited. 


Our team can help you appeal the payment, allowing you to start the process over again. It may feel frustrating to start from square one again, but this time we will handle everything. All you have to do is give Crestview Public Adjusters a call. From there, we read your policy, file the insurance claim, and chat with the insurance company about your damages. Next time you get paid, it will be in the whole amount you need.


Contact Us Today!

Here at Crestview Public Adjusters, underpaid claims ( are one of our specialties. 


We understand how stressful it is to go through the insurance claim process, only to see that the amount given to you was less than you needed. 

But, you don’t have to appeal it yourself with a public insurance adjuster in New Jersey on your side. To learn more about how we can help you get the money you deserve, call our adjusters today at (866) 290-6469.

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