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What are Environmental Claims?

Insurance claims are a standard process that most deal with at least once in their life. They usually don’t take too long and can result in some form of compensation, especially with the help of a public adjuster. But when it comes to environmental claims, there seem to be many disparities. These types of claims are next level, taking more time and being more severe. The majority of people go their whole life without worrying about filling out an environmental claim, so many people are unaware of these types of claims. 

Environmental Claims
Environmental Claim

Types of Environmental Claims

Every environmental claim is unique, as no two situations are exactly the same. Many times like most causes for an insurance claim, these incidents are random and completely unexpected. The environment is always surprising us, sometimes leading to damage or harmful and hazardous instances. Some factors that are involved in environmental claims include: Asbestos, Mold, Petroleum, Contamination, Silica, Lead, Oil, Fuel and more.

Common Environmental Claims

Common scenarios of environmental claims are pollutants infecting the water or soil, sometimes where people live, sometimes not. When harsh chemicals and contaminants enter the environment, it’s up to the contractors or companies to pay for the losses and damages. Or, when it comes to infrastructure, a company could have been careless and built the structure with mold in the drywall or have accidentally released asbestos while building. These situations are extremely dangerous for all involved and can further damage businesses and homes around the construction zone. When other people in the surrounding area have to change their life temporarily, an environmental claim can get help with the damages and costs.

Environmental Claims and Businesses

The majority of people who file environmental claims are businesses. The reason being is that they are most at risk of harming the environment and releasing hazardous waste. The laws of environmental protection and limitations are always changing so it’s easy to have a mishap. This means that businesses are always at risk of performing a hazardous action. Environmental claims can help mitigate and cover the losses and damages for these companies. 

Public Adjusters Help with Environmental Claims

To learn more about environmental claims and the types of insurance policies that cover it, give the experts here at Crestview a call today! Navigating the world of insurance can be a challenging one, but navigating an environmental insurance claim is an entirely different challenge in itself! The good news is our public adjusters are here to help you and we can offer you a free claim assessment! Give us a call at (866) 806-5939 to speak to an expert!

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