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Property DamageCommon Property Claims for Public Adjusters in New York

December 5, 2020by crestvpa

The Northeast climate is manageable most days of the year, but when a major snow or ice storm hits your property, it can result in severe damage to your home.  In the Northeast, it’s common to get lots of snow and ice during the winter months. When this type of  disaster strikes, you may find yourself filing one of these common property claims during winter for the following damages:

Structural damage. Severe snowstorms can result in loss of power to your area and maybe even trap you in your home for days on end. The likely culprits may be broken tree limbs, collapsed roofs, or frozen pipes that could freeze. If this happens, you’ll likely need to file a claim for structural or property damage.

Roof damage from snow mounds or ice. The weight of snow mounds, ice, and fallen branches can damage your roof, making it susceptible to leaks and other cracks. This type of damage to your roof can lead to repairs and other costs that you may need assistance with.

Hail. Small pieces of wind carried by hail can be costly to fix. In the Northeast, hail isn’t a significant concern, but when it does happen, it poses a big threat. Hail can damage your windows, cars, property, and more depending on the size and amount of wind carrying them. 

Plumbing-related failures. Water damage can occur from freezing pipes or a leaky, broken pipe. When leaky pipes freeze and then thaw, they can leak water into the interior of your home or flood your landscape. Or when a pipe freezes it can cause problems in other parts of your plumbing leading to bigger issues. Repairing this will be costly and you’ll definitely need a public adjuster if this happens.

Fire. During the holiday season, thousands of holiday lights are put up for families and visitors to enjoy. The look of glittering lights is beautiful and adds a real festive feel to your home. However, during a winter storm or a windy, snowy evening, those lights can become a fire hazard if not properly secured. When this happens a fire damage claim may be your only source of compensation to fix the damage.

Flooding. Melting snow and ice or excessive rainfall can lead to flooding, especially if there were plumbing issues to go along with it. Many homeowners have a separate policy for flooding and can file claims based on that, but there are policies that can differ based on the type and cause of the flooding. in either case, you’ll want to speak with a public adjuster to see what your options are.

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