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Public AdjusterCall an Experienced Public Adjuster in New Jersey to Help with Your Winter Storm Claim

December 22, 2020by crestvpa

If you live in the Northeast, you know that winter storms can be even more unpredictable than summer storms. You might experience cold winter conditions on Tuesday and then 65- degree Spring-like weather on Thursday. The winter storm season in the Northeast has just begun, so it’s best to make sure that your property is well-maintained and that your insurance policy is up-to-date. You don’t want to get caught unprepared for the possibility of a Nor’easter.  

But what should you do after a major winter storm when you’ve suffered some damage to your property? 

Before you call the insurance company, call a trusted public adjuster to handle your insurance claim. We have experienced public adjusters in New York and New Jersey to help you get the maximum amount of money to repair any structural damage to your home from flooding and high winds.

Why Should You Call a Public Adjuster in New Jersey After a Winter Storm?

Suppose your home or business has suffered damages like flooding, roof damage, or structural issues due to a major winter storm in New York or New Jersey. In that case, you’d want to call a licensed public adjuster before you call your insurance company. This makes it so you are prepared to file your claim and can quickly get through the process. 

At Crestview Public Adjusters, we have an experienced team of adjusters who know how to stay ahead of the insurance companies to help you get the money you deserve. 

You’ve worked hard for years to purchase your home and you want to protect your investment at all costs. That’s why you need a top public adjuster on your side–one that has your best interests at heart. 

If you wish to file a claim, have an ongoing claim that’s taking too long to process, or have been denied a claim, call on Crestview Public Adjusters. We can negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to get you a fair settlement.

Tips for Filing Your Claim

Sometimes, in our haste to get things taken care of, we might act too fast and make the wrong decisions that can have lasting effects. It is only natural to want to immediately call your insurance company when your home has suffered damage due to a winter storm. 

After all, you pay them for this exact reason. But before you do that and to make sure you are properly compensated for your claim, you’ll want to avoid the following:  

  1. Working with a contractor who has not been highly recommended.  
  2. Attempting to repair any damage to your home by yourself.  
  3. Signing any paperwork without talking to an experienced public adjuster first.
  4. Quickly settling with your insurance company for less money than you deserve.

When you hire the team at Crestview Public Adjusters, we’ll make sure to document your damages properly and negotiate your claim with your insurance company so you don’t have to. Our public adjusters in New Jersey also work with trusted contractors who will properly assess your home’s damages and estimate the repair costs. Our network of resources paired with our expert public adjusters guarantees that you have all the help you need at your fingertips. 

Contact Crestview Public Adjusters Today!

You don’t have to deal with property damage alone and you don’t have to file your claim alone. Dealing with a storm is challenging enough, and you shouldn’t have to deal with the challenge of filing an insurance claim. Our main concern is to help get your life back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If you have water damage from a snowstorm or ice storm, contact the public insurance adjusters in New Jersey at Crestview Public Adjusters. 

For water damage, smoke or fire damage, mold, or other disaster relief, call us at(212) 481-0100 to find out more. We look forward to working with you!

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