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Property Damage3 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Public Adjuster in Englewood, NJ

January 3, 2021by crestvpa

Whether you are an insurance claims pro or not, we all need help, and there’s never shame in asking for help. When it comes to insurance claims, it can cost you money when you avoid asking for help so this isn’t an area you’ll want to cut corners on. 

Here at Crestview Public Adjusters, we are here to assist you with all of your insurance claim needs. But first, we have put together our top 3 signs that you could use some help with the claim process. If any, or all, of these signs, describe your situation, give our team a call. 


  • You Have an Underpaid Claim

The first sign you want to keep an eye out for is an underpaid claim. In this scenario, you went through the motions, submitted the insurance claim, then got less than you needed to recover. Now, this doesn’t happen too often. But when it does, it’s critical to think back to the insurance claim. Did you fill it out correctly? Did you include all the necessary information? Was there additional paperwork necessary? If you have even the smallest doubt in your mind that you filled it out to perfection, chances are there’s a mistake or two. And even one mistake can cost you money. The thing is, the insurance company only has the claim and your documentation to go off of, and without this vital information, they can’t say how severe the damage is. 


There is simply no way of them knowing the details unless you provide them, that is why it is so critical to get the claim right. If you are in this situation, you are going to need to go through the appeals process. This process is time-limited and requires swift action. Not only that, but this may be the last chance you have to get the full amount of compensation. We recommend reaching out to our public adjuster team in Englewood, NJ, as soon as you know that you need to file an appeal.


  • You Have Never Filled Out a Claim Before

There is no shame in never having had to fill out a claim before. It’s a good thing. It means you have never dealt with property damage, which is something we all want. However, property damage is always a risk all of us face. No matter how much we wish we can control everything, we can’t. The weather and elements sometimes have a different plan for our home and all we can do is prepare. If this is your first time dealing with an insurance company, you may feel lost and overwhelmed, which can make it much easier to make mistakes. To avoid making these mistakes and facing sign number one: the underpaid claim, we recommend reaching out to our team. Our public adjusters in Englewood, NJ, can ensure your insurance claim is correct the first time. We can also give you some pointers for the future.


  • You Don’t Have the Time

Maybe you are an expert at filling out insurance claims but have no time to do so. This reasoning is another why many people seek the help of a public adjuster in Englewood, NJ. Dealing with the insurance claim is only one part of the process, too. There is so much more to it, and when it comes down to it, not everyone has the time to give. If you have property damage but are already overwhelmed and busy with other things, our team can take the claim over for you. We can handle everything, so you don’t have to interrupt your schedule. Hiring a public adjuster in Englewood, NJ, is not always about skillset or knowledge. Sometimes, it comes down to stress and time.


We Can Help!

Seeing that you have property damage is an immediate stressor. No matter how bad it is now, you know you have to act now before it gets worse. You also have to consider how this damage may have affected your home. There is so much that goes into it, and that’s before the claims process. If you have an underpaid claim, are unaware of the process, or simply have no time to give, reach out to our team. The Crestview Public Adjusters team can help you with your insurance claim. Reach out to us at (866) 651-5015 to learn more.

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