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Water Damage3 Signs of Water Damage That Indicate You May Need a Public Adjuster to Investigate

June 21, 2020by crestvpa

Living in the sunshine state means that you get to enjoy beautiful weather year-round and gorgeous beaches. However, it also means that you may have to deal with the occasional storm and will have days of intense humidity. These two parts of the Florida lifestyle, although not too bad, put your home at an increased chance of getting water damage. While most times water damage is no big deal, there are other times where it can become a large problem fast. From flooding to leaks, water damage comes in all kinds of forms. While flooding is easy to notice, smaller kinds of water damages often go unnoticed for some time. This can cause more issues to arise and an increase in damages. There are however ways to spot water damage earlier on so you can prevent yourself from becoming victim to it. Here at Crestview Public Adjusters, we recommend keeping an eye out for these signs. We also recommend reaching out to our team for all your water damage claim needs.


  • An Increase in Your Utility Bill

 Seeing a slight increase in your monthly utility bill is no big deal, maybe you took a few long showers or left the sink faucet on by accident. However, if you see a huge jump in your bill then it’s safe to assume that something is wrong. A huge jump in the bill can only be caused if your water is constantly running, which is a sign of a leak. The tricky thing about leaks is that people usually don’t know they have them until it’s been a problem for some time. Being sure to pay extra attention to your water bill every month can give you some insight into whether or not you have a water damage problem on your hands.


  • Bubbling

 Sometimes people do not realize they have a leak or water damage because of the location of the water damage. When it comes to flooding the situation is very apparent; however, leaks are a different story. Sometimes water will leak and puddle behind your walls, ceilings, and floors. You may not notice it at first, but over time this puddling of water will present itself on the surface in a bubbling form. This bubble will usually be soft to the touch and may even be a little bit damp. As soon as you see this it’s safe to assume that there is some water damage going on in your home.


  • A Musty Odor

 This is probably the worst sign of water damage to have. Partly because the odor is just plain bad, and partly because of where the odor comes from. A musty odor isn’t because of the water, it’s because of mold. When water damage goes unnoticed for a while, as it usually does, it creates a warm, humid, and wet environment in your home. This environment just so happens to be the ideal environment for mold to grow in. Chances are too that you if you didn’t know about the water damage that it is probably in a more hidden or dark place in your home. All things mold can get on board with.


How Can You Fix Water Damage?

 After noticing a few signs of water damage, many wonder what their next steps are and how they should proceed. As soon as you notice these signs, you may want to consider having someone come out to investigate. Once confirmed, calling a public adjuster such as one from Crestview Public Adjusters will also be very beneficial. Water damage leads to a lot of structural damage that can be a lot of information to address while filing an insurance claim. Add on to this mold damage and you have one heck of a task in front of you. But with our team’s help, you will not only have your property damage fixed but also will be stress-free while our team handles everything.


If you have noticed signs of water damage in your home then don’t wait any longer, reach out to our team today. Here at Crestview Public Adjusters, we can help you file your claim and ensure your damages are fixed. To learn more about water damage and how to file a claim for it, give us a call today at (866) 651-5015.

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